Springtime Reflections & Renewal

Springtime Reflections & Renewal

Spring in New England is here, bringing with it daily fluctuations in temperature from hot (yesterday was sunny and 7o) to cold (today its 50 and rain – a constant reminder of the winter that just passed).

With warmer weather right around the corner, a feeling of new beginnings and renewed optimism are also in the air. The same is true at the shop, with cars stored away for the long winter now just coming out of their hibernation, and owners taking a first look at the toll bad weather and potholes did to their daily drivers.  The phones are ringing and I get to see more of our long time customers and vendors pop in at the shop for a chat, and am making new clients happy with the work we do everyday.

I too, get a chance to self-reflect and think about what changes we can make to serve you better in the new year. With help from one of our own NEMW super fans and long time customers – James, we redesigned the site to make it more modern, user-friendly and interactive (you can now schedule appointments online!). We’ve put a lot of time and effort into the new site and hope you will find it both as informative and dynamic as I do.

Personally. I’ve found a renewed passion in getting involved in the area’s various track days and connecting with my fellow independent shop owners and enthusiasts. Something that if I hadn’t originally opened the shop, I wouldn’t have a chance to do as much – if at all. It’s hard to believe it’s been seven years since we opened our door – I’ve literally met hundreds of new faces over the years. Many of them have become personal friends who I can always depend on. It too has helped tremendously in the raising of our children – I’m always able to pick them up from school and be at any activity they need me for. That’s something more valuable then I could’ve ever imagined.

I hope if you are new to the site, or new to us – we hope you’ll consider Northeast Motor Werks for your BMW and Mini service, restoration or repair. You’ll be joining our family – because that’s why we created this business – for ourselves and now the new family we’ve gained in our customers. It really was the best idea we’ve ever had.




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