Keeping Your Cool - Air Conditioning

Keeping Your Cool - Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Condenser Leaking
Condenser Leak

Air Conditioning is one of the luxuries of modern vehicles. When it is warm and humid outside, it’s so refreshing to have cool dry air blowing out of the dashboard vents to help keep you cool.

It works in just the same way as the air conditioning at your home or office, removing the moisture/humidity from the air.

This particular day, our clients’ concern was that the A/C was not getting cold at all. Naturally with the weather starting to get warmer, he wanted me to check the system and diagnose the cause of the problem and then rectify the faults to get the system running for optimal cooling.

I have the necessary training to diagnose and repair A/C systems. After verifying no cool air from any of the vents, I started by connecting our service machine to check system pressures. There was no pressure in the system at all, and no refrigerant either, consequently leading to no A/C function.

I was looking for a leak, and vacuum testing of the system is used in conjunction with Ultra Violet Dyes to help locate the source of refrigerant loss. Fortunately during a previous A/C repair, dye had been introduced  to aid in any future leak detection.

Using an Ultraviolet lamp to help locate any signs of leakage, I found that the A/C condenser in front of the radiator showed signs of leakage.

Once I removed the air condition condenser from the vehicle, you can see from the attached photos, it was clearly evident that this was the source of the problem. There is a hole in the air conditioning condenser which has allowed all the refrigerant to leak out.

Once the faulty air conditioning condenser was replaced and the system recharged and tested , the air from the vents was nice and cool once more.

Don’t wait until the hottest day of the year to get your Air Conditioning checked, it’s better to get it serviced in the early spring when the humidity has yet to become oppressive.

Contact me at the shop to schedule an A/C check up today, You’ll be glad you did.





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