S54 Engine Valve Clearance Adjustment

S54 Engine Valve Clearance Adjustment

BMW M Cars with the S54 Engine require Valve Clearance Check and adjustment at every Inspection Service.

Correct valve clearance is essential to the smooth and efficient operation of the engine throughout the entire rpm range….

Small shims are used to alter the distance between the camshaft and the followers.If more clearance is required, a thinner ship is installed and vice versa.

We have a full shim kit available to enable us to perform this service during Inspection 1 or 2 service on your S54 Equipped BMW  M Car, just like the Z4M Roadster in for it’s Inspection 1 service today.

It is a very involved procedure and it takes time to get it right. It should not be rushed.

We always install new valve cover gaskets and sealing washers for the retaining bolts too.


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