HPDE- High Performance Driving Events and Driver Training

HPDE- High Performance Driving Events and Driver Training

HPDE or High Performance Driving Events


Let’s be honest, we all think we are great drivers…But just think how much better you could be with some training.

I was that guy back in 2015…My First time on a racetrack in my 2004 MINI Cooper S Limerock Park in the northwest corner of Connecticut..What an eye opener…..

HPDE or High Performance Driving Events,commonly referred to as Trackdays, are the perfect place to learn how to drive your BMW or MINI in a safe and controlled manner.
BMW and MINI have some high performance models which can travel well in excess of speeds that you would ordinarily use on the highway.
You’ve spent the money on a performance car, now you should invest in yourself as a driver and learn to drive it properly.

Lot’s of people spend money on modifying their car before they spend money on training themselves.

HPDE’s will make you a better driver and teach you skills which you can put to good use in your everyday driving.


Only then should you consider modifying your vehicle to make it and even more pleasurable experience.

Once I upgraded the tires on the MINI, I then moved to the suspension.The tired old shocks and springs were removed and in their place we installed a BILSTEIN adjustable shock absorber and spring package. This allows us to change both ride height and damper settings to suit each track we visit and my particular driving style.

Here is a link to some video of the latest BMWCCA  event we attended at Palmer Motorsports Park in Massachusetts.


Run Jointly by the CT Valley  http://www.ctvalley.org/and Patroon  http://www.patroonbmw.org/Chapters of the BMW Car Club of America, it is a great 2 day event.


Contact us today and we can help you make the right decisions about your driver training and your vehicle so that you can be safe and have fun.

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