Oil Filter Housing leaks lead to Major Problems.

Oil Filter Housing leaks lead to Major Problems.

Oil Contaminated Drive Belt

Oil Filter Housing Leaks.

Oil Filter Housing gasket leaks are a common problem on the current 4 and 6 cylinder BMW engines.
The oil then leaks down the sides and front of the engine.
The drive belts and coolant hoses become soaked with oil, which causes them to swell up and fail.
This can lead to major engine damage.

When these oil leaks are noted , it is less expensive to deal with the leaking gaskets than it is to deal with the fallout of not repairing it…

In the photographs above , you can see the progression from leaking gasket , to the shredded drive belt being drawn inside the engine, clogging the oil pump pick-up tube and starving the engine of it’s oil supply.

We check these gaskets for leakage during our routine maintenance, which should be every 6-7 thousand miles for BMW/MINI turbo charged engines.

In these cases we would replace the leaking gaskets, contaminated hoses and drive belts… We would also replace the drivebelt tensioner and idler because they typically start to show wear at around 60K miles.

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