Sensors and Engine Electronics

Sensors and Engine Electronics

BMW 325I Engine

The sensors used in modern fuel injection systems send critical operation information to the control module or computer.
This enables the control module to make adjustments in fueling and ignition etc to offer both power and fuel efficiency as required…

When the sensors fail , the computer will typically switch to a substitute value that will offer continued operation ,albeit with reduced power.

In the shop today was a 2001 3 series car that was exhibiting driveability issues, and a service engine soon/Check engine light warning displayed…

Diagnosis revealed a faulty camshaft position sensor signal.
After checking the wiring between the computer , sensor replacement was deemed necessary.

You can see in the photo’s the difference between the older sensor and the newer replacements, which have the larger sensor body.

Once installed, the fault memory of the control module is deleted and a road test is performed to verify the effectiveness of the repairs.

Another happy client is back on the road.


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