Tires & Wheels

Tires & Wheels

Northeast Motor Werks recommends letting us help you choose the right tire for your BMW or Mini. We offer the following services:

Mounting and Balancing

Mounting and precision balancing to minimize vibration and shimmy.

Alignment Services

It’s easy to tell when your car’s wheels are not in an alignment. Abnormally worn out tires, or an inclined steering wheel while driving straight are all symptoms of an alignment issue! Prior to any alignment checks, a full assessment of the suspension and steering  is critical to highlight any worn or defective parts that may be contributing to poor handling and excessive or abnormal tire wear.

Tire Rotation Services

Regular tire rotation helps to ensure tires wear evenly. Of course on some BMW and Mini models, tire rotation may not be possible because of different sizes of tire installed between the front and rear, such as with certain “Sport Package” wheel and tire packages.

We can advise accordingly when tire rotation is possible.